AMICO Security Products



The physical security solution for stucco & plaster applications.


Used in ceilings, walls and floors.

AMICO Secura Lath® is a heavy-duty security lathing product for plaster installations which offers great penetration resistance. It is fabricated from 16 gauge carbon steel that is expanded to form a diamond pattern much like that of diamond mesh lath.

When plastered with Portland cement or high strength gypsum plaster, it provides a superior barrier to penetration. Secura Lath® is sized 27" X 97." Kraft paper that is perforated and vinyl coated on one side is attached to Secura Lath®. The perforations and vinyl coating aid in curing the plaster. This paper also offers resistance and therefore affords better keying and economy of plaster.

Secura Lath® is furnished hot dip galvanized or pre-galvanized. Because Secura Lath is made from one sheet of HSLA steel, it will not unravel when cut and in fact requires up to 142 individual cuts to make a 2’ x 2’ hole. 

    ASL .50-16R Pre-Galvanized, 09 57 53, penetration barrier for plaster, penetration barrier for stucco, correctional ceilings, penetration barrier for ceilings