AMICO Security Products

Secura Mesh Partition System®





An AMICO Secura Mesh Partition System® will meet your security requirements, offering the advantage of easy assembly while providing strength, visibility and ventilation. The ASM Partition System is modular, stackable and made of all welded construction framework. The Secura Mesh filler for each partition is made from a sheet of steel that is simultaneously slit and stretched into a rigid, open mesh design making one continuous sheet that, if cut, will not unravel at the strands. The partitions are fabricated in sizes to fit the simplest to the most complex of floor designs without cutting, welding, or drilling.


  • Secure, utilizing heavy-duty hardware accessible only from inside the cage, which will prevent intruders from disassembling the partition to gain access.

  • Strong, sturdy all welded construction that is fabricated in welding fixtures assuring precise alignment of all components.

  • Tough & extremely difficult to cut.

  • Variety of gauges, styles, and mesh sizes are available, offering many choices for partitions to suit your needs.

  • Protection against burglary and theft.

  • Installs quick and fast using fewer parts than other systems.

  • Economical.

  • Neat, pleasing in appearance.

  • Easy to assembly, change or move.

  • Good visibility from both inside and outside.
  • Permits free passage of light, heat, air, and sound.
  • Strong, floor mounting post hardware.
  • Can be built to mount flush to the floor or with a standard 3 1/4" sweep-space.

  • Mobile if desired--can be built with a floor and on wheels for protective movement of valuable inventory or goods.

  • Complete with doors and accessories.


Partitions are constructed of 9 gauge 1 1/2mesh and securely welded to a 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 1/8" steel angle frame. Frames have 7/8" X 7/16" slotted holes for mounting to posts and adjacent partitions. Partitions three to six feet wide have one 1/4" x 3/4" stiffener welded to the frame. Wider partitions have two stiffeners.