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ABOUT US . . . . . . It’s not, it’s about you!

In our perfect world you’re a repeat customer having previously approached us through e-mail, ‘phone or appointment to discuss and successfully resolve your electrical challenge. We’ve demonstrated the ability to understand the nature of the issue, assisted in correctly identifying the scope of the problem, offered timely and constructive action(s) for consideration, and supplied electrical equipment products and services to satisfy your needs. We celebrate your return . . . . . . . welcome, back!

If you’re a first-time customer, we’re glad you have found us. For introductions, “we” represent the partnered knowledge of:

  • MS Group, LLC - an independent sales representative of electrical equipment manufacturers, owned and operated by Mike Sottilare – having over 35 years of electrical equipment sales experience in IOU, Coop/Muni, Packager, Consulting Engineer, and EPC sales channels.
  • The Electrical Equipment Manufacturers’ accumulated technical expertise and product development skills at 600V through 765kV voltage classes, covering instrument transformers for revenue metering and relay protection, power transformer and breaker applications, HV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and compact GIS up to 38kV, perimeter physical security and non-conductive fence solutions, overhead and underground (UDG) current/voltage sensors, MV breaker and switchgear (swgr.) repair components and refurbishment services, as well as SVC (STATCOM) and energy storage systems (ESS).

“We” are the men and women focused on securing repeat customers. You will discover little separation from the factory floor to the corporate floor. There is emphasis on maintaining an open communication structure, so access to essential resources is directed with precision and priority. For us, it is the hallmark of how to conduct business in a comfortable, results-oriented style.

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