HICO Power Transformers



HICO has a long and successful history of supplying power transformers for use in North America, and globally. Our transformer technology development over the past 45 years has contributed to our high quality core form and shell form transformer offerings.

HICO manufactures single phase, three phase and separated phase transformers in a variety of voltage classes and MVA ratings for transmission & distribution substations, generation applications as well as industrial applications such as arc furnace.

Our transformers can handle voltages up to 765 kV, with ratings up to 2,400 MVA per bank. We provide both outdoor and indoor (including underground) installations. Our transformers meet a wide variety of domestic and international standards, including ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, JIS, JEC, KS, ESB, BS, and IEC.

HICO's total quality commitment to our customers is demonstrated by providing the highest quality product, competitively designed and fairly priced, with on-time delivery. We achieve these high quality levels through our integrated quality assurance program. This level of experience allows HICO's quality assurance and reliability to exceed those of our competitors.

HICO supports our customers' goals with high quality products. From design to assembly, testing and installation, the customers' requirements are set as the standard, and goal for HICO to achieve and exceed. HICO operates an around-the-clock temperature, moisture, and dust-controlled clean room in its manufacturing process to contribute to the manufacture of a high quality power transformer.

The testing HICO conducts is all based on International standards and customer requirements. Through additional testing, we seek to exceed established testing criteria, thereby producing more reliable products. In addition, HICO's special process operators and technicians are highly trained. Continued professional growth and advanced training are encouraged through internal training groups and outside courses.

All HICO's products have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications. HICO endeavors to maintain the highest quality.


Various Types

Various types of transformers are available according to the specific requirements including single phase and three phase transformers, auto and multi-winding transformers, reactors and transformers for special applications such as furnace transformer, rectifier transformer and more.

Fit Design

If there are any constraints related to transportation or site conditions, HICO has many offerings to ensure smooth shipping and installation.


To ensure safe operation of our transformers, potential hazards are identified and eliminated at all stages. Safety during installation is ensured by extending on-site support to customers by our experienced and efficient supervisor.

Flexible Manufacturing System

Our production flow management system is fully computerized and automatically controlled to prioritize and finalize the manufacturing schedules based on delivery dates. This system yields the most optimized use of resources and also enables us to accommodate the unexpected and/or urgent orders by customers with shorter time delivery requirements. HICO is always structured to be at the service of our customers, including offering the flexibility and lead times needed to make our customers' projects successful.

Simple Handling and Maintenance

Efficient designs and manufacturing processes contribute to the ease of operating and maintaining HICO transformers, and the use of reliable components and accessories from reputed manufacturers ensure the trouble free operation leading to low maintenance cost of the equipment.

Customized Solutions

Tailor-made customized transformers can also be supplied based on the specific requirements.

Smart Grid Enabled

Design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance & repair of electric power facilities (transformer, GIS, and switchgear) are based on technology and knowhow accumulated over the past 35 years. By linking HICO's new preventive diagnostic system, users can diagnose in real-time the status of the equipment and schedule inspections through monitoring the equipment, including partial discharge and insulation oil deterioration, OLTC monitoring, insulation oil temperature, operation status of cooling fans, pumps, motor operation, and oil filter pressure.


Design and Analysis

HICO transformers distinctly stand out from the competition with world-class engineering and unparalleled quality. Our engineering teams use highly efficient, reliable and accurate software programs based on state-of-art techniques for preparing most optimized design to deliver high quality products. 2-D electric field analysis for optimization of insulation structure, 3-D magnetic field analysis for determination of partial overheating, and tank shield optimization and stress analysis for determination of seismic withstand and short circuit capability are a few examples. Our 3-D CAD engineering system allows us to review the final product before assembly preventing errors and minimizing defects at manufacturing stage. Our dedicated R&D teams continue to research and develop innovative, efficient and cost effective designs and working towards standardization of the design parameters to reduce the lead cycle time.

Transient Analysis

The program is based on advanced techniques for calculation of the various parameters like stresses on each turn, coil and winding. The windings are divided into several segments and the actual test conditions are simulated. The program delivers accurate values of resistance, inductance and capacitance which are further used to calculate the electrostatic stresses along the winding and determine adequacy of the insulation structure and other design requirements.

Magnetic Field Analysis

Electromagnetic calculations are performed to describe the stray field in a transformer and to calculate transformer parameters such as impedance, losses and short-circuit forces.

Thermal Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used to understand the thermal behavior of the transformer. CFD analysis enables the designer to accurately calculate the fluid velocity, oil and winding temperature in all parts of the transformer.

Structural Analysis

Structural analysis is performed to ensure safe operation of the transformer and a robust construction to withstand static and dynamic forces.