HICO Portfolio

Power Transformers

HICO America manufacturers various types of power transformers customizable up to 765kV and designed with safety in mind. HICO offers a flexible manufacturing system, simple handling, maintenance and smart grid enablement. In addition, HICO manufactures oil-filled shunt reactors.

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MV GIS Switchgear

HICO’s MV GIS is the most technically advanced equipment in the market. Designed with flexibility in mind, it meets any customer specification and single line diagram. HICO is on track to be the first company offering all ratings of distribution class GIS using dry air instead of SF6 gas as the insulating medium and tested to the latest IEEE standards.

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HICO is a global leader in MMC STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator) technology. STATCOM significantly improves power system stability and power quality. It puts your grid on cruise control — supplying reactive power to transmission lines and maintaining voltage profile within an acceptable limit.

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Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are applicable to the entire power system, from generation to end user. BESS can improve and stabilize power quality and support renewables on and off the grid. Major applications include; peak shaving, frequency regulation, renewable integration and micro-grids.

HV GIS Switchgear

HICO’s HV GIS technology is a robust and reliable lineup from 69kV to 800kV and fault current ratings as high as 80kA. HICO has invested in developing dedicated GIS models for the North America market which includes larger and more convenient viewport windows, spring-spring mechanisms, IEEE standard testing and higher fault current ratings to accommodate 63kA and 80kA project requirements.

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