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Guard Houses


Guard House Design

Kontek manufactures U.L.L-8 and NIJ-4, and 50cal Armor Piercing bullet and blast-resistant guard house shelters. The shelters are constructed from steel and have been certified to withstand 81mm and 120 mm mortar rounds, 50-caliber armor-piercing ammunition, and a 1,000 lb. explosion. The Guard Houses have been full scale blast tested at a government facility.
Design Characteristics:


  • Dimensions - 8‘-0" wide x 10‘-0" Long x 8'-10-1/2" High (larger sizes available)
  • Weight = Approx. 14,000 lbs.
  • UL-752 Level-8 ballistic design walls, windows, and door
  • NIJ - 4, .30 Cal AP, and .50 Cal AP ballistic design (optional)
  • 25 PSI exterior blast reflective pressure resistance with a .5 PSI interior pressure on .50 Cal AP design
  • 12 PSI exterior blast reflective pressure resistance with .25 PSI interior on .30 Cal AP design




  • Extremely durable and low maintenance
  • Shipped assembled and ready for use
  • Epoxy coated steel exterior with a wide variety of color finishes available
  • Pre-finished plywood paneled interior finish (optional finishes available)
  • Steel floor frame, plywood deck and finished with vinyl tile and cove base (steel and concrete floors available)
  • Suspended acoustic ceiling
  • R-11 wall and ceiling insulation
  • 3' x 7' entry door with window, dead-bolt lock, pull handles, heavy duty continuous hinge, weather-stripping and threshold (Level-8 ballistic design)
  • (5) each 3' x 3' (nominal size) Level-8 design windows
  • (4) each weapon firing access ports
  • 1-1/2 ton roof mounted split system Air Conditioner
  • Electrical system includes: 100 amp panelboard, (2) 4 ft. 4-tube fluorescent fixtures and switch, (3) 20 amp convenience outlets, (1) 150 watt HPS exterior roof mounted fixture
  • Work desk - 1'-6" deep x 9'-4" long at 30" above floor
  • Forklift compatible design and top located lifting eyes for ease of unloading and relocating as needed.