KONTEK - Critical Infrastructure Solutions


Kontek manufactures U.L. L-8 and NIJ-4 bullet and blast-resistant guard house shelters. The shelters are constructed from steel and concrete and have been certified to withstand 50-caliber armor-piercing ammunition, 81 and 120 mm mortar rounds and a 1,000 lb. explosion.

Contact us about our new research and products including:

RPG Predet Shield
Mortar Shield
Lightweight Personal Defensive Fighting Position
Portable Armory
Category 5 Hurricane Safe Houses

Kontek's Massive Modular Blast Barriers (MMBs) are designed to deliver a massive, virtually indestructible, physical security barrier capability. The MMBs were designed to resist bulk high explosive and linear threat weapons. To date, Kontek has provided over 1,500 modular blast barriers to USAF Force Protection to protect critical assets.

Why should you choose Kontek? From blast resistant barriers and .50 caliber AP Guard Houses to telecommunication shelters, Kontek manufactures tested and certified state-of-the-art solutions for our nation's homeland security and U.S. force protection.