PBI - Piedmont Bushings and Insulators

Repair and Testing of Westinghouse, Allis-Chalmers, G&W Bushings

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Piedmont Bushings and Insulators has the ability to fully test, repair and re-certify your generator bushings. All bushings are inspected upon receipt then subjected to specified electrical and pressure testing. The bushings are then disassembled and all components are visually inspected. All the gaskets, o-rings, springs, and any other potential wear parts are replaced and the bushing reassembled. The bushing is then re-certified to the electrical and pressure testing specifications of the original manufacturer.  Click here to download our PDF brochure.


For over 50 years, Piedmont Bushings and Insulators, LLC has been designing, manufacturing and repairing bushings, insulators and other dielectric products.  Located in Woodruff, South Carolina the company's history ties back to ITE Circuit Breaker and ABB. We offer a full line of Dielectric products including:

  • Line Sensors
  • Current Transformers
  • Apparatur Bushings
  • Generator Bushings

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