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Insulators & Hardware

Piedmont Bushings & Insulators offers a compete line of Porcelain and Silicone insulators to cover all of your insulator requirements. Listed below are the insulators and hardware items that are currently available:

  • A20 Bus Insulators – 4.8kV – 14.4kV
  • A30 Bus Insulators – 4.8kV – 34.5kV
  • ANSI Porcelain Suspension Insulators – 10,000lbs - 50,000lbs
  • Silicone Suspension Insulators – 69kV - 500kV
  • Silicone Distribution Dead-Ends – 15kV - 46kV
  • Porcelain Distribution Products – Line Posts, spools, dead-ends, strains and pins
  • Specialty Porcelains – 5kV - 230kV
  • Pole Line Hardware

Why use Polykeram Insulators? 

Economy, Electrical Performance, Strength and Design Flexibility are just a few of the many reasons why this type of insulator is rapidly gaining popularity.

  • Economy - Polykeram Insulators, cast in low cost rubber molds, cure in minutes at room temperature. Click Pic for Enlarged ViewThis energy efficient process eliminates the long drying and firing cycles of porcelain. The imbedded inserts eliminate the bonding of end caps. In addition, parts that have molds already can be shipped in less than a week. This quick response helps you, the customer, reduce inventory and storage facilities. Designs and fabrication of molds for new parts can also be created quickly.
  • Electrical Performance - externally attached caps are eliminated on Polykeram Insulators, increasing strike distance
  • Strength - innovative designs of the threaded inserts are easily substituted in a basic insulator body to make special high strength versions of standard insulators. Plus, the high impact strength of Polykeram Insulators reduce breakage in transport and at the jobsite. This quality is also a bonus in areas subject to earthquakes and vandalism.
  • Design Flexibility - when molded products are your best alternative for insulation, make Polykeram, by Piedmont Bushings & Insulators, your first choice.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier, someone who stands behind their products, look no further, jus give us a call. Remember, everyone at Piedmont Bushings & Insulators is committed to helping you resolve your insulators needs and if we can’t help you we can offer suggestions where to go to get your problem solved.

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